Roof Hail Damage Repair in Arlington, Burleson, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Keller, and the Surrounding Areas

Roof Hail Damage Repair in Arlington, Burleson, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Keller

It isn’t just the storm that can cause damage, it can be the unseen damage from hail that can cause significant and long-term damage to the structure underneath the roof of your home in Arlington, Burleson, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Keller, and the surrounding areas. Roof hail damage repair from our experienced team at Texas Elite Roofing & Construction is important after a significant hail storm. Your roof takes a pounding from hail, and while the shingles may appear fine, there is damage to the shingle as well as the materials beneath the shingles. This can lead to water damage and other problems if not taken care of. Contact us today for an inspection of your roof to determine if you need roof hail damage repair.

Why Hail Can Be More Damaging Than We Think

Hail, especially when it is larger in size, can dramatically shorten the life of a roofing shingle. The beating the shingles take lowers their life expectancy and can bring about cracking and and degradation, which can lead to water leaking through to the materials underneath the roof. Hail can also accelerate the loss of granules from the shingles, which will shorten the life span of the shingles. In extreme cases of large hail, damage can happen to the materials underneath, including punching holes in shingles.

There will be telltale signs on your roof of hail damage, but the only way to know for sure is to have one of our team go up on your roof and inspect it. Sometimes small hail stones aren’t a concern, but if they are driven down by intense wind they can still cause damage. There are numerous factors that can affect how much damage your home’s roof may sustain, but it is important that any roof hail damage repair be done sooner rather than later.

Factors Affecting Hail Damage

As was mentioned earlier, the speed of the hail is just one of the factors that can have an impact on just how much damage, if any, your roof sustains. The pitch of your roof can increase or decrease the amount of damage a roof sustains, as can the age of the roof itself. Even the kind of hail itself can have an impact on potential damage, with smoother hail stones being less damaging in general than hail that has jagged edges or spikes.

Hail storms are damaging natural events that can cause unseen damage to property in Arlington, Burleson, Colleyville, Fort Worth, Keller, and the surrounding areas. Our team has many years of experience in seeing what damage hail can do, and can help with any roof hail damage repairs that may be needed to your property. Contact Texas Elite Roofing & Construction today to schedule an inspection of your roof to make sure that your roof isn’t damaged and in need of repair.

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